Our glass artist Feleksan Onar’s “Birds Without Wings” installation has been exhibiting in Islamic Arts Museum (Museum für Islamische Kunst) which is located in the southern side of Berlin’s prominent museum Bergama Museum (PergaMON Museum) as of January 26, 2018. 

Glass artist Feleksan Onar is targeting to draw attention to the status of Syrian refugees with her “Birds Without Wings” design. Inspired by the scenes in her studio located at Pera in ‹stanbul, Feleksan Onar tells her story with the words, “Refugees keep finding themselves in a chaotic city. They don’t know where to go nor what their future will hold and they are sitting on the pavements as if they are nesting. They come and go but they cannot fly away.”

Felekflan Onar’s 27 birds made of glass will be exhibiting in the Aleppo Room of the Islamic Arts Museum in Berlin. Aleppo room was once a decor in a prestigious reception hall located at House Wakid in Aleppo, Syria. Glorious wood panels were ordered by a Christian trader named Isan ibn Butrus from Persian craftsmen.

You can see Feleksan Onar’s “Birds Without Wings” exhibition, which delicately expresses the ‘refugee’ situation everyone living in Turkey experiences, at the Islamic Arts Museum in Berlin.