Aesthetics is the most important concept we have included in our vision while starting our journey in 1982. That’s why we have added the light of art to every project we have been a solution partner of since the day we started working in lighting and construction sector as 2D Yapi.

Worldwide known TEDAS approved conic luminaires, exclusively designed poles and chandeliers, custom production safety rails, decorative doors, decorative outdoor furniture, garden gates, gazebos and urban furniture such as bus stops, trash cans, benches, telephone boots are among our works.

We are manufacturing all our products by using aluminum, stainless, brass, composite materials with the guidance of technology and science in our factory that has 8.000 m2 and 5.000 m2 closed areas. We are honored to contribute new values to our sector with every product we create for every project and collection as the sector leader.