7 #Menswear Trends You Should Know

7 #Menswear Trends You Should Know

A look at the four fashion capitals, seven trends likely to shape our wardrobes stand out.


Now that the hot weather is no longer interfering in our wardrobe choices, it’s time to talk about style. It’s wise to make up our minds before we start shopping for the Fall/Winter season. A look at the four centers of fashion around
the world, seven trends likely to shape our wardrobes stand out. If you’d like to know the future of
menswear, read on.

Copper tone
Fall colors have of course always been around, but this year they are a bit more visible. Among the usual fall colors like dark blue, black, grey, and dark green, charming copper caught our eye. Staving off the boredom of winter, this intense color tone suits you most when it is more brownish and in a coat.

Duffle Coat
Of course outdoor clothing garnered the most attention in Fall/Winter collections. And brace yourselves; the most popular item was the duffle coat. Camel tones were in the lead. Aside from classic looks, there were experimental pieces with unusual hood and sleeve sizes, and hemlines.

Although men don’t really like to be bold when it comes to the way they dress, a few shiny and vibrant pieces took the lead in early Fall/Winter collections. Silk shirts may be the easiest way to keep up with fashion trends.
But you can also try silk bomber jackets and silk parkas for a change.

The new season’s shoes are extremely chunky! It’s hard to follow these new shoe styles that are getting more rough-looking everyday, but aren’t they worth trying out so you don’t look out of fashion? Even if you prefer loafers or lace-up shoes, there is no hiding from these chunky soles and the mountaineering boot effect.

Because he knows exactly what he wants! The high neck trend has been occupying a big place in men’s clothing for some time now, but this season it seems to have gotten even stronger. This Fall/Winter season comes with foldable collars, zip-ups, and mock turtlenecks. If you ask our opinion, the coolest look is to combine a high neck with a classic long-cut coat and jeans.

This trend is really life-saving, because no matter if you are thin or thick legged, loose pants are in this season. Fully loose wool pants and those resembling flares are easiest to wear and the most comfortable ones. Known for
its classy looks for menswear, even Hermès is keeping up with this fashion trend. The loose pants trend also comes with a bonus, even the most classic cut has an elastic waistband!

Alongside the silk shirt trend, this trend include pajama suits as well. If you think suits are a bit too bold, you can skip this matchymatchy look and combine it with high-neck knitwear inside just like in Valentino’s collection.