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Five O’Clock Kitchen

By |2018-06-25T10:02:31+00:00Haziran 25th, 2018|Accents of Style|

Adding another one to its accomplishments so far in the boutique baking and catering business, Five O’clock has made its mark by giving a new flavour to especially the Anatolian Side after opening its Five O’clok Kitchen branch at Kavacik. Adding another one to its accomplishments so far in the boutique baking and catering business,

27 Glass Birds

By |2018-06-25T10:00:08+00:00Haziran 25th, 2018|Accents of Style|

Our glass artist Feleksan Onar’s “Birds Without Wings” installation has been exhibiting in Islamic Arts Museum (Museum für Islamische Kunst) which is located in the southern side of Berlin’s prominent museum Bergama Museum (PergaMON Museum) as of January 26, 2018.  Glass artist Feleksan Onar is targeting to draw attention to the status of Syrian refugees

Creative Touch to Your Living Areas

By |2018-06-25T08:23:39+00:00Haziran 25th, 2018|New & Now|

I started working during college years and continued my career in design and construction fields after graduation. Even though these experiences I’d had the first thought me a lot about architecture, neither the projects that lasted months nor the construction site processes that lasted years completed me career-wise.  I started working during college years and

Exhibition OF Kutahya Tiles & Ceramics Collection From

By |2018-05-21T11:28:31+00:00Mayıs 21st, 2018|High Street Style|

Vehbi Koc Foundation’s Sadberk Hanım Museum was opened on 14 October 1980 as Turkey’s first private museum and still continues its efforts to transfer the cultural heritage with over 20 thousand works of art to next generations. Sadberk Hanim Museum will host an important exhibition once again between 8 March– 25 November 2018 for its

Body Shaping Operations

By |2018-05-21T11:24:23+00:00Mayıs 21st, 2018|Men's Style Details|

Sea and beach dreams, holiday plans have already began as summer time is getting closer. Diets and sports programmes have been included in most women’s agendas as a result. So we can say that we have entered into a period of time which body shaping operations are in high demand for cases that aforementioned are

Headaches During And After Long Journeys

By |2018-05-21T11:21:50+00:00Mayıs 21st, 2018|Men's Style Details|

One of the many problems that people who suffer from chronic headaches frequently have is the headache attacks after travelling and this attack being more powerful and lasting longer than the normal ones. On long journeys, the headaches can generally start during your trip. Even people with no frequent headache complaints, can have attacks during

Custom Made Headpieces

By |2018-05-21T11:15:57+00:00Mayıs 21st, 2018|The Style|

Hair accessories product group has been highly preferred by the brides recently. But the exclusively designed accessories have always been more attractive in the market than the ones looking a lot like eachother. Saara Istanbul, makes the brides feel unique with their products designed for weddings and special days. Combining its design with inspiration from