BOLD and Beautiful

BOLD and Beautiful

Besides being one of the most well- established and accomplished names of the Turkish fashion industry, Fatoş Yalın tops the list of the most stylish women in the country. Her fashion perspective encapsulates and recreates her vision of the world. Yalın invited us to her outlook and her domain at her boutique, Fey, opened a few years ago.

What are your favorite spots in Istanbul?

In recent years, I’ve been going to Kıyı and Müzedechanga for dinner, and Delicatessen, Kantin, and Hünkar during the day.
I enjoy spending time at Soho House.

Where do you most like to do your shopping?

I’ve scarcely bought clothes since I opened Fey, which is a privilege that comes from creating and making the things I need and want. When I travel to other cities, I seek out small boutiques. This way, I make sure I nd only clothes and accessories that are exceptional. Occasionally, I like to wander around and do some shopping at Çukurcuma and the Spice Bazaar.

What impresses you the most about this city?

While growing up in Istanbul, it was the modesty of the grandeur that used to impress me; it was like people were not aware of the beauty. I can’t say the same thing now. This humbleness has been completely lost and vanity has replaced it. The places that hold significant memories for me seem to be caught up in an endless cycle of renovating and re- renovating, and the buildings are changing too. When I want to roam around the city, I and myself in the oldest neighborhood that haven’t changed so much. It is easier to encounter the glamour of the city in those places. Thankfully, mesmerizing landscapes can still be seen from most of the hills. I like to call Istanbul “the city of scents”. Every neighborhood has a unique smell; sea, kebab, dust, linden, cigarettes…

What is your opinion of vintage pieces? What things draw your attention?
I try to choose those not reacting a specific period, so that I don’t look as though I am going to a theme party when I wear them. Most of them have wonderful fabric and details. Handmade accessories are unique and very exclusive even when they are old.

How can you describe the customers of Fey? Who’s the Fey woman?
Fey has a loyal customer base as its style is not beholden to seasonal trends. Most of our customers know what they want and come to us knowing they will and it here. In the last few years, I’ve met many good-looking and stylish women that I had never seen in Istanbul before. We also cater to business women who prefer easy-to-wear pieces that they can select when getting ready in the morning that are also suitable for the evening, without having to spend a lot of time thinking about it. And those who don’t have to rush out of the house every morning come for distinctive clothes that make them feel exclusive.

When it comes to style, what excites you the most?
Style is certainly an important thing, but it doesn’t excite me. I either like something or I don’t, and this is a very personal judgment, just as style is.

What is true style? The answer is in the question; it is something that is “true,” not forced, but unpretentious and effortless.

What is the definition of luxury in Fatoş Yalın’s language?
To me, luxury equals freedom… It means indulging your personal taste without being under the influence of someone else. Also, I couldn’t agree more with what Coco Chanel said; “Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.”

What are the most luxurious corners of Istanbul?
My secret locations! They will not be luxurious anymore if I tell you. However, there is of course the Bosphorus route that we all know. Reaching work every morning by driving along this road is really a great privilege in such a big city like Istanbul.