Martinez Istanbul is in Türkbükü now….

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Drawing attention with a unique and delicious menu ranging from Sushi to fried duck, Martinez Istanbul is now serving its heavenly food at the prestigious Bella Sombra Hotel in Türkbükü … Famous musician Iskender Paydas’s stage performances will accompany the privileged meals of Martinez Istanbul, the most popular destination- to- be this season. Just like

Five O’Clock Kitchen

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Adding another one to its accomplishments so far in the boutique baking and catering business, Five O’clock has made its mark by giving a new flavour to especially the Anatolian Side after opening its Five O’clok Kitchen branch at Kavacik. Adding another one to its accomplishments so far in the boutique baking and catering business,

27 Glass Birds

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Our glass artist Feleksan Onar’s “Birds Without Wings” installation has been exhibiting in Islamic Arts Museum (Museum für Islamische Kunst) which is located in the southern side of Berlin’s prominent museum Bergama Museum (PergaMON Museum) as of January 26, 2018.  Glass artist Feleksan Onar is targeting to draw attention to the status of Syrian refugees

Salvatore Ferragamo 2018 SS

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Designed by Fulvio Rigoni with authenticity and distinctness, Spring / Summer 2018 collection empowers the versatile styles, personalities and beauty of women. Salvatore Ferragamo makes contributions to women defining their grace and charm by getting inspired by the uniqueness of legendary women, who are wearing his shoes such as Greta Garbo, Carmen Miranda, Brigitte Bardot,

Luxury to Memories with Bombay

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Home to the prestigious brands of the global decoration sector, Sem Collections is swarmed with everchanging, expanding, and functionalising new generation homes and completely user-focused trends. 2018 collection of Alivar, one of the forerunner design companies of today’s world, is getting ready for places that are preparing to get simplified and workable like a blank

Summer Bouquet

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We can never abandon flowers. In various sizes, whether classic, romantic, or retro...Whichever it is, we surely know that we’re under flower invasion. Çiçeklerden hiçbir zaman vazgeçemiyoruz. Farklı boyutlarıyla, ister klasik, ister romantik, ister retro... Hangisi olursa olsun, bildiğimiz bir şey var ki çiçek istilası altındayız. CITE DE PERA Originally called the Cité de Péra,

Get Your Pierce

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Known for its modernist vision, J. W. Anderson features a pierce bag with its isosceles triangular form, reinforcing both the youthful energy and the feminine aspect of the brand. Carrying classical, as well as modern strokes, the pierce bag is earmarked to be one of the most iconic bag of the Summer 2017. Modernist vizyonuyla