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Handmade Ceramic Products

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Designing ceramic and completely handmade products, Stil44 will bring elegance to your tables with a new series for summer. Stil44 is reinterpreting the iconic patterns of old days as a sign of respect to our past and presents its new summer series to your liking. Composed of products from plates, pitchers, bowls to decorative objects,

9th International Güler Ertan Photography Contest

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The photography contest within the international festival that Buyukcekmece Municipality of Turkish Republic organizes every year has been dedicated to Turkey’s first women photography professor Guler Ertan on its 9th year and the following years. Buyukcekmece Municipality of Turkish Republic has announced the goal of this contest, calendar of which is attached, as below: The

In The Archive

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Using over 1.700,000 documents in SALT research Archive, refik Anadol compiled a media installation that classifies each document via an artificial intelligencedriven algorithm. “Archive Dreaming” can be visited at SALT Galata until June 11th. Refik Anadol, SALT Araştırma Arşivi’ndeki 1.700.000’i aşkın belgeyi özelliklerine göre sınıvlayan algoritmalarla bir medya enstalasyonu gerçekleştirdi. "Arşiv Rüyası" 11 Haziran’a kadar

The Naturalness Of Oddıty

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The story of three people defining themselves as “odd”, “Yutmak” is on its final performance at Craft. Merve Dizdar, winner of the Best Actress of the Year at Afife Award, is worth a watch. Kendini "tuhaf" olarak nitelendiren üç insanın hikayesi “Yutmak”, Haziran’da son oyunuyla Craft sahnesinde. Yılın En Başarılı Kadın Oyuncusu kategorisinde Afife Ödülü

Madame Tussaud’s İstanbul

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Featuring exact copies of 55 celebrities from Turkey and abroad, Madame Tussaud’s wax figures has met its first visitors on November 28. With its 21st centre located at the Grand Pera building on İstiklal Avenue, the museum features the wax figures of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Mevlana, Mehmet II, Hidayet Türkoğlu, Brad Pitt, Messi, and Muhammed

Just Dream

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Four different culinary workshops, special for New Year, offered by d.ream Academy await those who want to treat their loved ones with special tastes. Organised with the support of Bosch, d.ream Academy continues to porvide opportunity for participants to create wondrous kitchen. Imparting with the secrets and tips of cooking various dishes with enthusiasts, d.ream

The Mystery Of The Orient

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Görgün Özdemir opens his third photography exhibition at Olympus Gallery. The photographs at the exhibition, titled The Mysterious Balance of the Orient, were shot by Görgün Özdemir and his brother, Tayfun Özdemir. Interpreting the mystical balance of difference in India, the exhibition will be open to visitors between November 24 and December 31. The artists

Opening Up To Different Voices

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Babylon hails the New Year with time-defying tracks of legendary figures, such as The Cure, Madonna, A-Ha, Chic, Duran Duran, Snap, Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson. Entering the New Year with Oldies but Goldies, Babylon’s 2017 programme features Birsen Tezer, Waldeck, İnsanlar, Hayvanlar Alemi, Cihan Mürtezaoğlu, Kid Francescoli, Camp Claude, Bedük, Deniz Tekin, Hindi Zahra,