A Chance To Plan Performance

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Known not only for his footballer identity but also for his ambition, discipline and professional life; legendary football player of Besiktas, Ilhan Mansiz has shared the unknown about him and more for you, discover readers. Can you tell us about your plans upon completing your successful football career? What does Ilhan Mansiz have on his

Taking Turkey to International Platforms

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Successful at everything she puts her hands on from business life to her family, Demet Sabanci: Taking Turkey to international platforms, moving our country one step further in our cultural, social and economic lives is our biggest priority. Demet Sabanci, who has enriched Turkey’s market with the leading brands of the world, well-known not only with

A Global Statement

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A PLEASANT CONVERSATION WITH ZIYL AN GROUP CEO BURAK OVUNC ON GLOBALIZATION IN THE SECTOR AND ABOUT ISTANBUL. ZİYLAN GRUP CEO'SU BURAK ÖVÜNÇ İLE SEKTÖRDE GLOBALLEŞME VE İSTANBUL ÜZERİNE KEYİFLİ BİR SÖYLEŞİ. You have established a strong global position in the footwear industry, how would you describe your success codes? Our aim is to carry this achievement

Now Opens The Source

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We’ve a conversation with Çağla Daş, the founder of Archive Galata, about appealing to the buyer without having concepts superseding one another and in peace. Almost like identical twins, the worlds of art and design consist of various concepts. There is none in the shopping industry that ponders the clash of concepts and unanswered questions.

The Queen’s Tailor

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Speaking in the tongues of his trademark romantic and folk collections, Bora Aksu now puts his world into words. “Lace, handicrafts, manual labour, embroidery and such works... Reflections of these in my work, their various uses in different forms and their contemporanetiy are parts of my design language.” Having ceaselessly drawn his visions and dreams

Fashion As An Art Form

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Başak Cankeş tries to continue artisanship as visible as possible within the world of fashion. The entirety of the designer’s story is highly inspirational. I believe you coincide more with international foci of fashion and especially with New York, rather than the local fashion circles. As you noted, I sold my most glamorous wearable artworks