Creative Touch to Your Living Areas

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I started working during college years and continued my career in design and construction fields after graduation. Even though these experiences I’d had the first thought me a lot about architecture, neither the projects that lasted months nor the construction site processes that lasted years completed me career-wise.  I started working during college years and

Be the Bride of Your Dreams

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Hair and makeup is at least as important as picking a wedding dress. You should start planning at least a month before to avoid any last minute bad surprises. Owner of Garage Hair Repair Studio chain, hair dresser Ahmet Çoban, has touched upon many different subjects for Discover readers from the harmony between the people

Time Defying Iconic Brides & Wedding Gowns

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Long veiled dresses, elegant lace embroidery, daring models but always elegant wedding gown models the most important thing is that they are timeless. We have compiled a list of most liked and desired models and designers for you. AUDREY HEPBURN AND MEL FERRER Audrey Hepburn, one of the first names that come to mind when

Juicy Couture Spring 2018 Collection

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This season, Juicy Couture launches its Spring 2018 Black Label collection, staying true to Juicy Couture’s DNA. Inspired by timeless and simple looks, the range of products are a mix of classic pieces. Dresses, catsuits, chic pants are at the core of the collection and retro inspired denim and woven round out the assortment. “Parisian

New Destination In Familiar Location

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Martinez Istanbul is parting its doors for unique tastes at Akmerkez Shopping Center, setting a new addiction with its rich menu as well as with its authentic style. Situated at one of Istanbul's most popular meeting points, the restaurant deserves to be added to your favourite stops in the city. Martinez İstanbul, Akmerkez AVM'de benzersiz

Design Kitchen In Da House

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Rational, the international brand of AYT Home, is augmenting the level of design, material and functionality with its new kitchen series. We’re talking about the Floo kitchens by the famous designer Karim Rashid. These designs satisfy the classical perception as well as providing a modern living space. AYT Home’un uluslararası markası Rational yeni bir mutfak