We also haven’t forgotten to mention Turkish coffee in our piece, which is one of the first things that comes to mind when we think of Istanbul and Turkey and is at the very forefront. With their brewing and presentations of Turkish coffee, coffee shops that have been welcoming their regular customers for years, are among the popular stops of local people of Istanbul.

The starting point of the coffee route is Beyoglu, with its historical texture. Then we continue with Balat, which has become the most popular stop of the historical peninsula and then end the tour at the favourite destination of Anatolian side, Moda. Everyone knows Manda Batmaz Coffee Shop when it comes to our first stop Beyoglu. A lovely place, serving at a small alley. It is still getting attention thanks to its cozy and warm atmosphere. The consistency of the Turkish coffee made in Manda Batmaz, which is actually a small tea shop, and the intense flavour it leaves on your palate is among the things that interest the regulars the most.

Historical Beyoglu alley, at which Manda Batmaz is serving with small wooden tables and chairs, is not only a center of attention for Turkish tourists but also for foreigners as well. Someone is definitely taking a photo with their cameras while you are sipping your coffee.

Having been transferred to Beyoglu from Bagdat Street, Drip Coffeist is now located in Asmali Mescit. This shop being amongst the busiest cafes in Asmali Mescit, serves a lot of different social communities ranging from designers, freelancers, employees of agencies to media managers.  They are importing their own coffee beans and the flavours they are bringing together are simply delicious.

It is a very special experience to try various types of coffee at places that are this close to one another in Beyoglu location. There are probably not a lot of districts that can adapt to world trends so easily. Now let’s move our delightful journey to Balat. Our next stop is Balat Coffee and Guide.

One of the best examples for the empowered vision of Balat thanks to the new rural migration is Balat Coffee and Guide. You can spot the owners’ visional pasts immediately from the design of the place and the service quality. Another reason for becoming a regular at this shop is the desserts you can try on the side of your coffee. Colourful buildings of Balat, historical ambience and the identity of this little coffee shop will make you want to take photos for social media.

Now, it’s time for Moda. You can easily get to Kadiköy by going to Eminönü from Balat and taking the ferry. As you are headed towards Eminönü, note that this route can never be complete without a quick stop at Kahveci Mehmet Efendi to buy some freshly ground Turkish coffee. Kadiköy Moda is pretty close so our suggestion is that you take the tramway. You should definitely experience this ride that will add a little something to your journey.

It would not be fair to come all the way to Moda but not go to Rafine Espresso Bar. Rafine Espresso Bar is a small shop that is also known for their desserts. The photo of Rocky played by Sylvester Stallone is decorating the walls of the espresso bar and has shattered records in social media sharing.

Now you have the Istanbul Coffee Route created by Discover. What you have to do is very simple; wear your comfortable shoes, open a playlist you created from Spotify and get an Istanbul card.