Modern Statement!

Modern Statement!

Bertrando Di Renzo founded his brand Les Ottomans by taking the inspiration from his love of Turkey. His many years of travel, the Eastern and the Western culture have influenced the designs and fabrics in a beautiful and elegant way.


Can you tell me how it all started?
Les Ottomans started a little bit more than two years ago by chance and by impulse. Doing things without thinking too much and just because I feel I have to, has always been a constant part of my life. I left Milano and moved to Barcelona years ago following a dream, then when I fell in love with Istanbul this city became my next dream and Les-Ottomans was a way to realize it.

Where does Les Ottomans pieces are sold?
I am lucky enough to have clients all over the world from New York to Tokyo or from Milano to Dubai. We are sold in high-end design shops and online platforms such as LuisaViaRoma and Thelongeststay, in design showrooms and shops. Also I just launched my online shop.

What is in the future for Les Ottomans?
After the collaboration with Marcantonio Malerba Raimondi and Servomuto for the last collection, the new ones will be with the talented Vito Nesta and the renewed architect Marco Parmeggiani. We’re working om reinterpretations of the Ottoman concept.

Where do you like going in İstanbul?
Divan Hotel in Taxim and was amazing as well as the Chinese one at Shangri-la’s. I am more fond of flea markets so Bomonti is a paradise. For luxury goods Luxuria in Nisantasi.

What’re your Istanbul tips?
Hanging around is the best way to get the feeling of the city. You should take some time for living the city with the locals. I would avoid already made tours.