Now Opens The Source

Now Opens The Source

We’ve a conversation with Çağla Daş, the founder of Archive Galata, about appealing to the buyer without having concepts superseding one another and in peace.

cagla-dasAlmost like identical twins, the worlds of art and design consist of various concepts. There is none in the shopping industry that ponders the clash of concepts and unanswered questions.
Archive Galata provides a mediating platform to the comparison of arts and concepts. As such, both the buyer and the seller support creation and development solely.

Is Archive a gallery or a store?
It’d be more fitting to say that it’s both. It’s a store due to its provision of a great variety of designs and accessories, but it’s also a gallery due to its exhibition of works of art. While focusing on non-industrial, hand-made designs, we’ve built on concept on displaying any design that is also a work of art.

Can anything that is designed find itself a place here?
Alongside the vision of the designer or the brand, the value added to the design world is also quite important for us. The Turkish designers and brands in our selections are those who aim to create and develop as diligently. Of course, the design and its designer should also have a story.

According to what do you make your selection of designers and design?
It’s been almost four years since Archive has opened and we’ve extensively experienced what our customers expect from us and what they like. Therefore, we’ve mutually formed the foundations of our vision. As such, we’ve been preparing our list of selections without extraneous support.