Things To Do In Berlin

Things To Do In Berlin

1- Visit the Reichstag building

Reichstag Dome is the rooftop terrace of the Bundestag, the German parliament. We discovered that we made a huge mistake by visiting this place at the very end of our 4-day visit. The Dome is actually the first place to visit upon your arrival. Here you can learn everything about Berlin in detail with the help of an audio guide. You can visit the Reichstag Dome, which offers quite interesting technical features, by booking online a day in advance without paying an entrance fee.

2- Eat Breakfast at House of Small Wonders

In Europe, it is hard to find a hearty breakfast like in Turkey. For Europeans, a single croissant and a cup of coffee do the work just fine.

However, it’s not the case in House of Small Wonders, located in Berlin. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget about the potato gratin with scrambled eggs I had in this Instagram-friendly place. If you’re looking for places to eat breakfast, you can also try What Do You Fancy Love, Wiener Bröd or Marriott Hotel Mitte.

3- Have a Dessert in Zeit Für Brot

Zeit für Brot is actually a bakery where people stop by for their sourdough bread or croissant in the mornings. But what make this place special is their amazing “Schnecken” cakes. I’ve never eaten anything that looked so unappealing but tasted this good before.

4- Visit Pergamon Museum and Jewish Museum Berlin

There are two museum I would advise you to visit in Berlin, a city that houses over 200 hundred museum. One of them is the Pergamon Museum (entrance fee: 12 Euro) in which artifacts dating back to the Ottoman era, and the other one is the Jewish Museum of Berlin (entrance fee: 8 Euro), which impressed me deeply with its architectural features. Here in Jewish Museum Berlin, you can find about the lives of the Jewish people before the second World War and in the post-war years.

5- Eat a Burger at The Bird

This is the place that you will hear the most when you ask for what to eat in Berlin. Although you may grow a bit doubtful beforehand, thinking whether this place is too “touristy” or commercialized, The Bird will prove you wrong. Prices in the restaurant varies between 11 to 14 Euros and I highly advice you book in advance. You should definitely try their mushroom and Swiss cheese burger served in a pita bread.

6- Have a cup of coffee at Five Elephant & Cake

The third wave coffee movement, which produces high-quality and artisanal coffee, has become quite a trend across the world and in Turkey. It is in the same street as Zeit Für Brot, mentioned in the third article, abd are only 50 metres apart. Drinking a fine cup of Flat White in Five Elephant is an essential thing to do in Berlin. Prices start at 2,90 Euro.

7- Visit the Checkpoint Charlie

Charlie Checkpoint was the third border crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin from 1961 to 1990, designated for use of soldiers of the Allied forces, ambassadors, high-level diplomats and their families.

The checkpoint was the meeting place of the Allied forces between the two Berlins and the busiest traffic intersection. Nowadays, the checkpoint is a tourist attraction with many shops and fast food restaurants surrounding it zone and where visitors can have their pictures taken with soldiers. A real must-see.

8- Visit the Mitte region and the Brandenburg Gate

Mitte is the busiest place in Berlin. With its massive streets, huge building and shopping centers, you may feel as if you’re in Dubai or in Las Vegas. It is also an incredible socializing center, packed with theatres, cafes and restaurants. The Brandenburg Gate that divides the east and the west sides of Berlin is known as one of the main symbols of the city and is located in Mitte. You can also find Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe near the gate. Felix, one of the most famous night clubs of the city that is known for its vibrant night-life, is also located in Mitte.

9- Have Your Pictures Taken in East Side Gallery

You can take the subway and bus in Berlin to everywhere but you can also take a cab. Especially if you are 3 or 4 people, cabs could be very cheap for you. Upon seeing the famous Berlin Wall, you can take a cab to East Side Gallery to see the works of 118 artist from 21 different countries. This is also right across from the Mercedes Benz Arena where famous stars have their shows. You would have to spare an entire day if you try to take a photo with each work as this wall is 1316 meters long.

10 -Eat Chocolate at Fassbender & Rausch

You should not leave Berlin without eating German chocolate. Fassbender & Rausch is the milestones of the city in that sense. My biggest advice to you is not to leave without drinking their hot chocolate.

As I’m the type of person that feels the need to eat something salty after eating something sweet, I should tell you that I had two in a row. And don’t forget to try the tiny chocolates that have different percentages of cocoa.

11 – Try German Cuisine in Hofbrau

Being at walking distance from the Taksim Square of Berlin, Alexanderplatz, Hofbrau is in this list for being the representative of the German cuisine. Germans do not have the extensive food culture we, French, Far Eastern or Italians do. So, you can find any type of restaurant in Germany. We had delicious schnitzel, good sausage, nice chicken and amazing kartoffelsalad.

12 – Visit a Nazi Concentration Camp

Gedenkstatte Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp., Nazi Concentration Camp in short. You can get to this place after taking a one hour and a half ride on subway and train. Over 200 thousand people have been imprisoned here, where you see the “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work brings freedom) writing. 100 thousand of these have died from diseases, insufficient nutrition, typhoid, maleria and freezing cold in the winter.

13 – Visit Galeries Lafayatte Gourmet Floor

If you’ve seen the Paris Galeries Lafayatte, you may find the one in Berlin a bit less glamorous. The part I’m going to recommend is not the textile part but the Gourmet floor. This floor sells the world’s most exclusive food-beverage products and there are also a couple of cafes. My favorite one was the Colette from the photo in Crepes Maman. Emmantel cheese, bacon and eggs in gluten-free crepe. You can try this as a mid-day snack for 10 euros after breakfast or lunch. By the way, do not forget to say hi from me to the owner of the place, David.

14 – Make yourself at home in Kreuzberg

You can feel as if you were in Turkey after spending a certain amount of time in Kreuzberg. Because almost all the signs here are in Turkish. From plumbers to insurance companies, travel agencies to restaurants Turkish brands are everywhere. The Turkish have conquered the avenue so much that the overpass has the writing “Kreuzberg Meydani” on it. 80% of the customers eating at world famous Turkish restaurant Hasir, are Germans or the tourists visiting the region.